Hope Flies

by Shona MacGillivray

Shona McGillvary’s hauntingly beautiful swallows can be seen hovering over Chapel Lane for the duration of the Festival. These ethereal sculptures made of paper and willow represent and celebrate the diverse cultures of our town and county, and of the migrations of people which has become so prevalent in our world today. They are also a reminder of those people who are unable to fly away in search of calmer skies. This installation was created in collaboration with the Clare Youth Service and was commission by the Ennis Street Arts Festival and the Clare County Council.

Shona is a visual artist working with a variety of materials, but with a particular affinity for working with paper, paint and sticks. The willow she sources and treats herself, and the paper is also treated to withstand the elements. She finds much of her inspiration from the animal world and is especially drawn to birds as they symbolise freedom of movement and thought; a freedom not so easily attained by many people. Shona’s Swallows will be suspended above the Laneway for the duration of the Festival.

Act Info

3rd – 9th July 2017
All Day
Chapel Lane



Free Event


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